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Baltimore to Lough Hyne tours run on Tuesdays at 19.30pm. Click on the links below to book your tickets online now and reserve your places.

Baltimore to Loch Hyne Tour

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Baltimore to Lough Hyne tour

Tuesdays 19.30 pm

Visit the families of seals and the colonies of various gulls on Kedge Island. View the famous 20ft EIRE sign restored last year, built into the cliffs and Spain Tower which was constructed during World War II to warn aircraft that this was neutral Ireland. Proceed to enter the narrow picturesque harbour of Barlough and view the renowned tidal rapids (unique in Ireland) at the entrance to the famous Lough Hyne Marine Nature Reserve. As you return, view the site of the shipwrecked Kowloon Bridge, the Stag Rocks, while all the time keeping a close eye out for whales and dolphins which abound in these waters.